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Thank you for choosing us to perform at your wedding.
Please fill out the contract below to reserve your date immediately.

White Dove Duo agrees to provide violin and guitar music for the wedding service on.


Beginning at (Start Time)


Ending at (End Time)


White Dove Duo will be present 30 min. Before and after service. If additional time is required, arrangements must be made in advance and the price negotiated.

Wedding Location (Street and City)


Phone of wedding location


Bride’s First and Last Name


Groom’s First and Last Name


Groom’s / Bride’s Cell Phone #


Wedding Coordinator or wedding day emergency cell phone #


Ceremony Music (Bridal Party, Bride, Recessional etc)


Cock Tail Hour


Total Amount Due




Special Arrangements:

We accept personal checks or cash.

All monies due must be paid prior to the wedding day. Once signed below, no changes can be made to this agreement, and it cannot be canceled. In the event that the bride or groom (Provider)wishes to cancel the performance or that performance cannot take place through no fault of “Musicians” the provider remains liable for the total amount above. If the “Musicians” for some reason, such as death, illness, or accident beyond control, cannot perform, “Musicians” will offer to locate alternative Musician(s). if this is not possible, all monies received will be returned to Provider. This contract is therefore considered by both parties to be legal and binding in accordance to conditions set forth herein.

Provider Signature (First and Last Name)



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